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Tea Party Tactics: Unveiling The Determinators’ Exposé of Obamacare

-The article was originally published at The American Spectator.

With the election right around the corner, the media is talking about the real, important issues facing the American people — Big Bird, bayonets, and binders. In the heart of America, however, the Tea Party Patriots have been educating the public on what exactly the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will do to the American health care system.

The main thrust of this effort is The Determinators, the first original Tea Party Patriots film. A mere 58 minutes long, it delves into some of the most important flaws in the Affordable Care Act, including its rationing capabilities and violations of some of the most basic rights of Americans — including freedom to not have insurance.

The launch of The Determinators officially took place on October 17, when thousands of Tea Party activists around the country showed the film at their homes. Tea Party Patriots then shipped 360,000 copies to undecided voters across America. The final part of the push was the publication of the YouTube page for The Determinators. As of earlier this afternoon, this 58-minute film had over 445,000 views in only nine days — an impressive average of 40,000 viewers per day.

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Obama: Class Warfare Over Mathematical Reality

-The article was originally published at The American Spectator.

In Tuesday’s debate, President Obama said if we as a nation take deficit reduction seriously, it would have to combine “tough spending cuts” with making sure “the wealthy do a little bit more.”

Ignoring the fact that the President’s most recent budget proposal makes few such “tough cuts,” an interesting new factoid on government spending in America shows raising taxes on the wealthy to shrink the deficit is not only inefficient, but simply won’t do the job.

Earlier this week, the think tank Just Facts showed in a chart that total government spending is consuming more of our economy than in the history of the country, including during World War II. Liberals like Paul Krugman, of course, simply laugh off concerns about this spending and its corresponding debt. According to them, our debt dropped significantly after World War II, so why should we worry about the long-term effects of today’s debt? Those liberals, of course, ignore the fact that today’s fiscal problems are very different from the fiscal situation faced right after World War II — namely, that we won’t have the same worldwide economic dominance, and we will have huge entitlement obligations that weren’t present in the 1940s.

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One More Reason to Prefer Tax Reform Over Taxing the Rich

-This article was originally published at Hot Air.

For over a century, liberals have wanted tax increases on the wealthy to force them to pay their “fair share.” Never mind that taxes such as the individual income tax and theAlternative Minimum Tax (AMT) went from hitting only the wealthy to hitting many middle-class earners, or that the top one percent pay 1,500 times the taxes of the bottom 20% of earners.

In Tuesday night’s Presidential debate, President Obama made this argument yet again. From a clip on The Washington Post’s website:

If we are serious about reducing the deficit, if this is genuinely a moral obligation to the next generation, then in addition to some tough spending cuts we’ve also got to make sure that the wealthy do a little bit more.

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A Few Questions for Tonight’s Debate

-The article was originally published at The American Spectator.

Tonight, President Obama and Governor Romney will face off in their town hall-style debate, with questions being asked by independents and undecided voters in the audience.

The four most important fiscal-related issues facing the nation are jobs, the debt, taxes, and the President’s health care law. Here are several questions, related to those topics, that independent voters may wish to consider asking, and both men may wish to consider answering:

  1. Both men say they will add jobs, but President Obama’s plan relies on extremely optimistic growth rates in the economy, and Governor Romney’s plan lacks details. Will the American people get these details in this debate from the Governor, and will President Obama explain why his expected growth rates are so much higher than even the CBO’s?
  2. The national debt is becoming increasingly harmful to the nation. President Obama’s plan expects to never balance the budget, while Governor Romney’s plan relies on a lack of details. Will the President chart a new course, and will the Governor provide solid details for the American people to examine?
  3. A 2012 IRS study (cited and analyzed by Just Facts this week) shows 14.5% of taxes were lost to noncompliance in 2006, a total of $385 billion and an extra tax burden of over $3,800 per taxpaying household. What will each candidate do to simplify the tax code so compliance is easier, and criminal noncompliance easier to stop?
  4. President Obama says he will not repeal his health care law. What will he do to at least improve it if re-elected?
  5. Related, Governor Romney has said he will fully repeal it. What are the top three policies he will then use to replace the law?
  6. Medicare is expected to go bankrupt by 2024. Governor Romney has said no American 55 or over will see a change to his or her Medicare. This puts us at 2023. What changes will the Governor implement before then in order to chip away at the massive costs of Medicare without changing the care people 55 and older have been implicitly promised?

A common mantra among conservatives is that this election is the most important in a generation. A common mantra on the left is that the election is about moving the nation forward or moving it back. When it comes to the above issues, both candidates have often been willing to rely on vague statements and general guidelines rather than trust the American people to make an educated choice on what each candidate offers on these tough issues. This town hall may be the last chance before Election Day for low-information voters — many of whom are really looking at the candidates for the first time in 2012 — to fully consider all the facts.

Washington Won’t Balance the Budget. Well, Here’s What it Could Do to Reduce the Deficit…

-This article was originally published at Hot Air.

On October 5, the Congressional Budget Office’s Director’s Blog reported an official estimate of the 2012 deficit. At $1.1 trillion, it is the fourth year in a row the deficit has surpassed one trillion dollars. Since Washington is unwilling to balance the budget any time soon, it is incumbent upon the grassroots to push Congress to at least take a few steps in that direction. On that note, below is a quick list of some basic things Congress could do to reduce the deficit in the next couple of years that was originally published earlier today on the Tea Party Patriots’ blog.

Obviously, when it comes to deficits, they are primarily a two-factor equation: on the one side, you have revenues, and on the other you have spending. While President Obama does not deserve full blame for all four massive deficits – he was only partially responsible, as President, for the 2009 spending levels, and of course tax revenues were down in 2009, mostly not due to anything he had done – he has certainly done very little to reverse the trend.

Here are some ideas Congress should consider, if it wants any kind of deficit reduction to take place — since it’s obviously not serious about balancing the budget any time soon, despite its necessity:

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14 of the Most Egregious Lies, Policies, and Law-Breaking Activities of This Administration

-This article was originally published at Hot Air and Right Wing News

With the first of three Presidential General Election debates having taken place last night, it seems like a good time to remind the American people of some of the worst aspects of the Obama Administration. But rather than focus just on the policy aspects of what President Obama has signed into law, this piece will look at some of the many political manipulations and lies made since January 20, 2009.

Below is merely a partial list compiled by and researched by me and political activist and author A. E. Duzett. Enjoy.

Over the past several years, President Obama:

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