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Obamacare’s House of Cards Tumbling Down

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-The article was originally published at The American Spectator.

It’s begun. First Obamacare began to fall apart legislatively, with the elimination of one of its many taxes. Then one component was found to be unaffordable, and was subsequently eliminated from the law. Most recently, the Senate gave its support towards repeal of the medical device tax.

Now, one of the nation’s most prominent Democrats — a man who helped shepherd Obamacare through the Senate — is blasting HHS for making the law into “a train wreck,” and a union that used to support Obamacare is formally calling for its repeal or “complete reform.”

The union’s reasoning is pretty sound — essentially, Obamacare destroys the ability of small businesses to compete with larger companies:
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Mangling the Facts on Obamacare’s Impact

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-This article was originally published at National Review Online.

Since the arrival of Obamacare, before and after its rough passage into law, thousands of pundits and ordinary citizens have debated what impact its regulations and mandates will have on employers, and thus on employees. On Thursday, March 21, the Huffington Post published an article arguing that only a tiny minority of companies will need to cut employee hours in order to avoid certain costs of Obamacare. “All those companies threatening to cut workers’ hours as a result of Obamacare are actually an exception to the rule, according to a recent survey from the Minneapolis Federal Reserve,” HuffPo wrote, adding:

Nearly 90 percent of employers don’t plan to shift full-time workers to part-time status as a result of President Obama’s health care reform law, the study found. . . . In the wake of the law, some health care experts worried that companies would shift some of their employees to part-time status — or 30 hours per week or less — in order to avoid covering them. Though the survey notes that businesses may change their mind once they realize the full effects of Obamacare, it seems companies cutting (or threatening to cut) workers’ hours are more outliers than the norm.

The article was prominently displayed throughout Friday and received more than 700 Facebook shares, more than 80 Tweets, and almost 1,900 comments — but it misses important context and key facts.

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