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Obama Changes “Settled Law” to Suit His Political Agenda


-The article was originally published at The Washington Examiner and was co-authored with Kavon W. Nikrad.

During the lead-up to the partial government shutdown, President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid frequently referred to the Affordable Care Act as “settled law.”

Their implicit argument was that, as the ACA was passed by Congress, survived a Supreme Court challenge and was seemingly affirmed by voters in a national election, Republicans should just accept it as “the law of the land.”

But in an op-ed published by PJMedia, we noted that the same politicians who make the “settled law” claim ignore how Congress and the president have changed the ACA at least 20 times, sometimes legislatively, often dictatorially and perhaps even illegally.

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The Takeaway From Today’s Jobs Report

Unemployment (1)

-The article was originally published at The American Spectator.

Today’s jobs report has some good signals for the economy, and some cautionary notes.

The media’s takeaway, of course, is that the unemployment rate dropped to 7 percent and 203,000 jobs were added.

This is the third of four months that have seen at least 200,000 jobs added, though the month prior to that – July 2013 – only saw 89,000 jobs added.

CNBC notes the participation rate, which has been around a 35-year low for some time, ticked up in November – which means more people are looking for work. However, the report cites the positive change in the employment-to-population ratio as an improvement that partly reflected the return to work of furloughed federal government employees.

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