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Planned Parenthood’s War on Women

-This article was originally published at Aleteia.

-Time to speak the truth about how taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood are used.

As the 2014 election season wears on, two things are clear: Democrats are continuing to wage a taxpayer-funded war on women, and some Republicans are too scared to stop them.

The Colorado Senate race is just one example of this dynamic. Recently, Senator Mark Udall’s (D-CO) ally, Planned Parenthood, ran an ad targeting Udall’s GOP opponent, Rep. Cory Gardner, on contraception. Likewise, Udall ran an ad accusing Gardner of wanting to ban contraception.

Gardner’s response was a full-fledged retreat from his previous pro-life positions. First, he placed an ad saying he no longer backed a personhood amendment to the Constitution because of the beliefs of Coloradoans. More recently, he wrote an op-edpromoting over-the-counter access to “the pill.”

If Udall and Gardner really want to help woman, they should stand together against Planned Parenthood and defund it.

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The Sexual Humor in Not Having Sex

True Love
-This article was originally published at

I’m a virgin. Sexually abstinent. I’ve never “hooked up,” “been laid,” or “gotten any.”

And I’m cool with that. And I get a kick out of watching people’s eyes grow as big as dinner plates when they hear my sex life is non-existent.

I was at the gym a few years ago, stretching after lifting weights. Two female friends were nearby, talking in graphic terms about their sex lives as they lifted. After 15 or 20 minutes of increasing awkwardness on my part, I finally asked them to stop. One of the women was surprised, and said, “Everyone likes to talk about sex!”

When I told her I had never experienced what she was talking about, she dropped her weights and left the area, saying, “This is awkward.”

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