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PBS defends decision to air pro-abortion documentary ‘After Tiller’

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Under pressure for showing the pro-abortion documentary “After Tiller” on Labor Day, PBS’ “POV” affiliate has defended the decision in response to an inquiry from LifeSiteNews.

The producers of the film say their goal with the documentary, which tells the stories of four late-term abortion doctors after the killing of infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller, is to “change public perception of third-trimester abortion providers by building a movement dedicated to supporting their right to work with a special focus on maintaining their safety.”

POV told LifeSiteNews, “We do believe that ‘After Tiller’ adds another dimension to an issue that is being debated widely.” Asked if POV will show a pro-life documentary, the organization said that it “does not have any other films currently scheduled on this issue. POV received almost 1000 film submissions each year through our annual call for entries and we welcome the opportunity to consider films with a range of points of view.”

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Exclusive: D.A. explains sentencing of porn prof who assaulted 16-year-old pro-lifer

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Earlier this week Mireille Miller-Young, a professor of porn and black studies at the University of California Santa Barbara, was sentenced to three years probation, 108 hours of community service, and 10 hours of anger-management classes, following her attack on a 16-year-old pro-life activist. She was also ordered to pay nearly $500 in restitution to the girl’s family.

In an exclusive phone call with LifeSiteNews, Santa Barbara Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen explained the reasoning behind that sentence, explaining that Judge Brian Hill gave Miller-Young exactly the punishment the attorney’s office recommended.

Miller-Young had previously pled no-contest to three charges of grand theft from a person, battery, and vandalism after she stole a sign from Thrin Short and her sister in March. In addition to scratching Thrin, she destroyed the stolen sign. Two students assisted with the theft of the sign.

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‘Sick and twisted’: Down’s advocates, pro-life leaders slam Richard Dawkins’ abortion remarks

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Advocates on behalf of individuals with Down syndrome, as well as pro-life leaders, are slamming famed atheist Richard Dawkins’ statements made on Twitter earlier today that parents have a moral responsibility to abort babies diagnosed in utero with Down’s.

During a shocking Twitter rant, Dawkins responded to questioners saying that it was “civilised” to abort Down Syndrome babies, and that it would be “immoral” to choose not to abort babies diagnosed with the condition.

He said that his goal is to “reduce suffering wherever you can,” indicating that unborn children cannot suffer, and that unborn children don’t “have human feelings.”

In addition to being scientifically challenged – unborn children can feel both painand emotions – Dawkins’ comments drew criticism for his callousness towards children with disabilities.

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Richard Dawkins: it’s ‘immoral’ NOT to abort babies with Down syndrome

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In a bizarre rant on Twitter earlier today, atheist Richard Dawkins wrote that choosing not to abort a child with Down Syndrome would be “immoral.”

The conversation started when Dawkins tweeted that “Ireland is a civilised country except in this 1 area.” The area was abortion, which until last year was illegal in all cases.

A Twitter user then asked Dawkins if “994 human beings with Down’s Syndrome [having been] deliberately killed before birth in England and Wales in 2012″ was “civilised.”

Dawkins replied “yes, it is very civilised. These are fetuses, diagnosed before they have human feelings.”

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Six ways contraceptives deny women control of their bodies

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The modern world proclaims contraceptives to be the savior of womankind. Abortion groups, President Obama and other politicians, and millions of tax dollars push the idea that without contraceptives, women will not be able to have control of their bodies.

However, scientific evidence abounds that “control” is a relative term — and, in fact, that contraception use may negatively impact the power women have over their bodies. Consider the following:

1. A recent study found that use of some forms of contraception are linked to greater odds of breast cancer. The study found that the use of moderate doses of estrogen in contraceptives increased the odds of breast cancer by “1.6-fold.” The less-popular high-estrogen dose contraceptives increased the odds of breast cancer by “2.7-fold.”

That study is not alone in its findings; likewise, higher risks of cervical cancer have been linked to oral contraceptives. (To be fair, the latter link says that these contraceptives also reduce the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers.)

The World Health Organization also considers the pill a Group 1 carcinogen.

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Does it really take almost $250,000 to raise kids to age 18?

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The headline appears to say it all, over at The Washington Post’s Wonk Blog: 5 charts that show why it costs nearly a quarter-million dollars to raise a kid today.

As outlined in the post, the Department of Agriculture did its annual examination of the estimated cost to raise a child to age 18. The estimate, taken from 2006 and applied in 2013 dollars, found that the average cost per child from birth to age 18 was $245,340.

This number seems devastating, and the Wonk Blog author, Niraj Chokshi, does an excellent job of pretending that it is. However, he ignored a couple of important caveats and considerations.

First, from Katrina Trinko at The Daily Signal. Trinko quoted the report, which notes that a larger family will have less cost per child. “To estimate expenses on three or more children in husband-wife families, 22 percent should be subtracted from the total expense for each child’s age category,” according to the report. Additionally, “as family size increases, costs per child for food decrease less than for housing and transportation. Much housing space is used in common, and car trips can serve more than one child.”

Basically, the study says that families with fewer kids spend more per child because certain expected costs — such as a car with four or five seats — are the same no matter what the family size is.

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Sign #4,682 that the Senate and Obama aren’t serious about entitlement reform

-This article was originally published at American Thinker.

In July, the Congressional Budget Office put out yet another report showing that the U.S. federal debt is growing unsustainably.  The biggest reason for the growth, which has already slowed the U.S. economy and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, is entitlement spending.

Yet members of Congress, especially in the Senate, appear eager and willing to avoid their responsibility to reform entitlements, particularly Social Security and Medicare.  While both parties have used tremendous rhetoric about reforming both programs since 2010, Democratic unwillingness to pass a budget has been matched by Republican plans that tiptoe around the problem.

Even the allegedly conservative budget plan put out by the GOP-controlled House won’t balance the budget for years, provides only general guidance on Social Security reform, and fails to begin Medicare reform in a timely manner.  And yet this is the plan that has the most support of any being discussed on Capitol Hill.

Things look unlikely to change in light of the Senate’s approval of Shaun Donovan to head the White House’s budget office – the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

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