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Wendy Davis’s Convenient Abortion Stories

-The article was originally published at National Review.

-Struggling Texas candidate tugs heartstrings with unverifiable personal tales.

Texas Democratic-party gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’s new book Forgetting to Be Afraid came out Monday, and the book’s claims have brought some new attention to the floundering Davis campaign. Davis writes that in 1997 she had an abortion that caused “deep, dark despair.” She writes that “Baby Tate” was suffering and would have died shortly after birth.

The abortion was Davis’s second. She claims that the first was done because the pregnancy was ectopic and therefore a danger to her health.

Reactions to the alleged revelation have varied. Some have offered compassion for both Davis and her deceased child, expressing sorrow over Davis’s alleged depression, which is a frequent — and frequently ignored — consequence of abortion. Others have looked at the motivation for publishing the book less than two months before an election that Davis is on course to lose by double digits. Still others question the accuracy of her claims related to the abortion.

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Four Ways the Media Subtly Shills for the Democratic Party

-The article was originally published at National Review.

Media bias is real — just look at the evidence.

With the 2014 elections approaching, the American people will once again rely on the so-called fourth estate to help them decide what candidates to support. And while bias in the media is rampant regardless of the source, National Review, CNS, and my bosses admit where we’re coming from.

Meanwhile, mainstream outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post,ABC News, and others not only claim to be straight down the middle in their reporting and editorializing, but they also garner far more viewership than the admittedly biased media sources. (Fox is an exception in its avoidance of liberal bias and its outsized ratings, but the king of cable, Bill O’Reilly, for example,garners far less viewership than each of the CBS, NBC, and ABC evening shows.)

So it’s important that the American voter, who uses the Times, the Post,and the evening news shows as their main outlets for news, understands how they can frame the news such that they essentially become shills for the Democratic Party’s policies and attack lines.

Four broad examples of this pattern:

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