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“I am delighted to endorse Dustin Siggins’ work. He takes really tough problems and solves them. I know this from projects with Dustin over the past five years. He’s a careful analyst, a quick and brilliant writer, and self-starter. And, one more thing: he’s tenacious when it comes to delivering product. I like his “can do” approach to life so much I’m writing a book with him!”

William Beach is the Chief Economist for the Senate Budget Committee, Republican staff, and is the founder and former director of the Center for Data Analysis at The Heritage Foundation

“Dustin is one of the new generation of on-line conservative thinkers — fearless, tough, thoughtful, provocative, and intelligent. He holds all sides to the same high standards he applies to himself. Dustin writes engagingly and comprehensively, and he’s only just getting started.”

-Ed Morrissey, Senior Editor for

“Dustin worked under me for over a year. During that time, he proved to be a go-getter — someone who is always looking for the next lead and who is always looking to present the facts in a balanced approach so that his readers can make an informed decision. His work is prompt, accurate, and always seeking to maximize integrity.”

-Kevin Mooneyhan, Deputy Executive Director of Tea Party Patriots

“The Coalition for Reduced Spending has known and worked with Dustin for nearly two years, and his work has been nothing but top-notch. He’s been incredibly helpful drafting, producing, and publishing our work and making introductions to media contacts. I give his work the strongest recommendation and believe other organizations would be well served by his talents.”

“Dustin has helped CRS garner relationships with Real Clear Politics, Roll Call, USA TODAY, and Red Alert Politics, among other organizations.”

-Jonathan Bydlak is the President of the Coalition to Reduce Spending

“Dustin and I have been friends for five years, and during that time he has been a consistent help to the nonprofit organization of which I am president. For several years, without compensation, Dustin has worked diligently to publicize our research across a broad array of media and to secure placement in several national publications.”

“Recently, Just Facts was excited to begin using Dustin’s contract services.”

“Dustin is an exceptional networker and has an obvious passion for making our country a better place to live. He has principled views on wide-ranging issues and is a capable writer and editor with an appreciation for both the big picture and finer points of public policy. Dustin Siggins is one of those rare individuals who is gifted as both a policy wonk and as a publicity strategist. I highly recommend his publicity, networking, writing, and editing services.”

-James D. Agresti is the president of the think tank Just Facts

I highly recommend Dustin Siggins for any number of public relations capacities. In the year he has been working with my book team, Dustin has demonstrated tremendous skills in branding and writing that have made him invaluable to our effort.

Dustin has several functions on our team. A key role is to create and edit opinion pieces, as well as place them at leading outlets. He has also organized speaking events, as well as assisting in both outreach and developmental promotions. Perhaps most impressively, he landed me a spot alongside thought leaders in conservative media, where I debated a Huffington Post reporter on social conservatism.

Dustin’s high level of commitment and intensity to achieve the goal is exceptional. He is the one person on our staff that I can contact late at night to find him working on our promotions.

The marriage of personal industry, strong writing skills, and a large Rolodex of critical “connections” makes Dustin a key player in any public relations and branding endeavor.

-David Flynn, author, Search for the Alien God book series

“I’ve known Dustin Siggins for nearly 10 years, starting when he was a freshman at Plymouth State. He has always stood out for his convictions, and despite having been in the Beltway for over five years has maintained his high integrity for both his beliefs and his openness to new understandings as the facts warrant. He is one of the hardest-working people I know, and despite our frequent differences on politics and philosophies, he is one of the few bloggers I read regularly.”

-Rodney Ekstrom, director of alumni relations, Plymouth State University